Daniel Ware

Guitarist and Vocals 

Goes by Danny (In addition plays Bass, Flute, Harmonica)


Danny Ware was born on June 23, under the astrological sign of Cancer and was raised in Chicago, Rogers Park, Lane Tech. He grew up on the north side of Chicago. (Cubs fan!)


His first interest in music began when he sang in the Church Choir at the early age of 5.  His interest in music was nurtured by his older brother who was a music major. That, along with his love for the Beatles. And like many other musicians,  he got his first start in music with his neighborhood friends. 


His mom had the biggest influence on him becoming a musician because she was a singer herself. Although his parents approved of his interest in music, they always said, "Just don't quit your day job!". 


When asked what his favorite musicians and bands were, Danny said his favorites were, the Beatles, Hendrix, and Clapton. Which explains why preferred genré of music is Classic Rock, Funk, and Jazz. As for the tunes he likes most, he has so many that it is impossible for him to say.


Danny started out teaching himself how to play his music, but later took lessons from Frank Romoro before earning a BA in Music Ed at Governors State. Not only does he sing, but he plays numerous musical instruments...The guitar, bass, flute and harmonica.


He was asked what groups he has played with in the past and he said, "Mary Wells, the Drifters, and The Sting Rays to name a few. I have only been with CHARLES & Company since this past July (2012), but was in a band with Charles called Bop City Boys early in the '90's."  He said, "Some of the most memorable performances of my career came when I played the Sea Cruise on Navy Pier." 


He said that when he was a child, he wanted to be a Train Engineer, which still sounds like a cool gig, but Danny also pointed out, that the thing he likes best about being a musician is that he is getting paid for something he loves to do. 


You just can't beat that!